An open letter to our bend Mamas on Mothers’ Day

By Kelly on May 11, 2014 in Parenting with No Comments


An open letter to our bend Mamas on Mothers’ Day,

I’ve fallen in love hundreds of times these last four years.  I have fallen in love with the humor and grace you show as these babes take over your bodies.  I have fallen in love with the way you carry yourselves and the beauty of pregnancy.  I have fallen in love with your sweet babes, who you so easily place in my arms and let me love all over them.  I have fallen in love with motherhood.

For those who know me well, this may seem like the silliest of all statements.  I don’t have children and have no plans to do so.  I have never had the desire.  I love kids, have worked with them for years; I just never had the urge to produce any of my own.  I get asked daily ‘what made you decide to not have kids?’ – the answer is pretty simple, nothing.  I never ‘decided’ to not walk this path; I just knew that my role as a Mama was a little different.

So thank you, for sharing funny stories in prenatal class.  Thank you for showing up to sit on your mat, despite feeling physically exhausted and not in control of your bodies.  Thank you for talking to the Mama on the mat next to you, asking how she feels.  Thanks for listening with kindness while other Mamas share tales of births and of loss.  Thank you for asking about other Mamas, and about other babes.  Thank you for sitting in silence together, breathing, meditating, praying for Mamas as they have lost babes, and gone down the road of trying to conceive again. Thanks for clapping for each other during class, for pushing yourselves to love the changes your body has gone through – and for holding plank just a few breaths longer.

Thank you mostly, for making me a Mama.  I am blessed to be able to hold this space for you all.  I am blessed that you trust me with intimate details of your journey toward and through motherhood.  Thanks for blasting my heart wide open.

As a Mama, here is a bit of what I have learned:

It does not matter when babes’ teeth come in, or when they start crawling.  These things always happen in time and just when babe is ready.   Sleep schedules work themselves out.  You will figure out how to introduce first foods.  Your boobs will stop hurting.

Be prepared for dealing with poop – for years.

Kids’ feet stink.  All the time, no matter what you try.  For all our sakes, keep trying though.

Manners go a LONG way.  We never expect kids to be happy and polite all the time; tantrums are fine, and healthy in some ways, yet being able to say sorry is crucial.

You will never be a perfect mother.  Your children will never be perfect. Just like yoga, parenting is all practice.  As one of my teachers says, ‘The goal is to love the practice’. When things don’t go as planned, stop to take a breath, and try again. Repeat.

It is impossible to hug, kiss, or encourage kids too much.  Impossible.

HUGE love,

Miss Kelly

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