Meet Your Birth Professionals – Month 10, Postpartum Doulas!

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There will be an Open House at Bend on Wednesday, June 25 from 6:45 – 7:30pm to meet the postpartum doulas of Month 10. Find out how you can get support after bringing baby home! The event is free and open to all parents and parents-to-be!

Dianne Bearinger, Emily Koester, Cynthia Jordan Fisher, and Heart Benner will discuss the importance of postpartum support. 


“Postpartum doulas support women and families through the transformation that a new baby brings to a family.” – DONA International

Month 10 is a group of postpartum doulas serving families in the Charlottesville area and surrounding counties. The goal of postpartum care is to educate, guide and instruct parents in all non-medical aspects of baby care. Postpartum doulas care for the parents (especially the mother), baby and other siblings in the weeks and months following birth.

A postpartum doula can offer the extra support that families need in the first weeks after a baby is born. When mothers of newborns have special care at home, there is an increased probability of successful breastfeeding and lower risk of postpartum depression. The mother can better heal from birth and learn to take care of her baby in her home environment.

Essentially, a postpartum doula “mothers the mother.” And Month 10 doulas strive to offer mothers consistent, continuous reassurance, comfort and encouragement enabling them to gain confidence in their parenting and to trust their intuition.

In addition to postpartum care, Month 10 services include placenta encapsulation and a free weekly café gathering for moms. The Mamas Café meets at C’ville Coffee every Tuesday at 12:30pm. To get in touch with the Month 10 doulas before and after the Open House at bend on Wednesday, June 25 from 6:45-7:30pm, just visit their website:

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